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Our Values

At the core of Silk, our values are the common thread behind why we do what we do.


Silk's objective is to deliver enduring value to our customers, by anticipating and responding to the challenges that stand in the way of making organizations more successfully secure.

Excellence In Innovation

At the heart of what we do is a real love for problem solving. We never stop thinking of ways to solve our customers' challenges that are practical, realistic and resilient.

Integrity & Transparency

Our commitment is to clearly communicate and deliver on expectations and standards we set, for both internal and external stakeholders.


At the core of Silk, our values are the common thread behind why we do what we do.

Yoav Nathaniel
Chief Executive Officer

Yoav has a passion for technology innovations and customer satisfaction.

He was the first employee of Avanan, a cloud security company that was acquired by CheckPoint. Yoav later moved to Goldman Sachs where he led the firm-wide cloud security engineering team, building cloud security standards, roadmap, and technologies serving the entire organization.

Yoav loves hiking, martial arts, and flying planes.

Or Priel
Chief Product Officer

Or has years of experience in cybersecurity, spanning different fields. Prior to founding Silk Security, Or was VP of Product Management at Ermetic. Previous to that, Or worked for Palo Alto networks for over six years, leading several product lines. Prior to his tenure there, he worked for Cyvera, a cybersecurity company later acquired by Palo Alto Networks. During his military service, Or served as a captain in a special ops unit of the Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Corps.

Bar Katz
Chief Technology Officer

Bar has a vast experience in cyber security, starting from Unit 8200, where during his service, he founded Pasten (pronounced pass-ten), a competitive CTF group.

Since his service in the IDF, Bar has served in management positions and lead the development for cyber security products at companies like Xage, Palo Alto Networks and Meta.

Bar is an avid surfer and loves hiking.

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