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Redefining how organizations find risk, identify the owner, prioritize, and operationalize the remediation lifecycle.

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Cybersecurity is a tangled mess.

The more findings, the less clarity on what to fix - leading to a growing risk resolution gap.

Environments Shifting

Adoption of cloud, hybrid and cloud native applications generate more complexity and scale issues that legacy approaches can't begin to address.

Limited Tool Scope

Without enough environmental context, security teams struggle to measure and prioritize the risk associated with findings.

Drowning in Alerts

Duplicate alerts from multiple tools  compounds the challenge for security teams to prioritize and assign remediation ownership.

Risks Go Unremediated

60% of the breaches that occur are due to a security alert that the organization knew about, but struggled to map stakeholder responsibility for the fix.

4 months ago - 2022, Dec 17th
Akamai Domain Controller
Virtual Machine
Qualys icon
Instance with unrestricted access
2 months ago – 2022, Feb 12th
Payments Microservice
Virtual Machine
Prisma Cloud
Open S3 Bucket
7 months ago – 2022, Sep 19th
AWS S3 Bucket
1 months ago – 2022, March 1st
Crowdstrike icon
Container with multiple vulnerabilities
3 months ago – 2023, January 9th
Cluster 3
Remote code execution
1 year ago – 2022, Apr 23rd
IIS Server
Virtual Machine
Pull the right threads

Consolidate, contextualize and prioritize findings

Silk brings order to the findings chaos, eliminating duplicate alerts, and rationalizing output from siloed tools so teams can effectively focus on what to fix.

Aggregate, normalize, and correlate findings using AI to generate information from noise

Prioritize findings automatically based on severity, asset profiling and environmental factors, with a configurable risk model

Scale remediation for findings with a common fix for multiple issues through automated grouping and ticketing

Loop people in

Collaborate with ops stakeholders

Map stakeholder responsibility, enable self service remediation with actionable recommendations, and facilitate bidirectional collaboration through integration into existing tools and workflows.

See how it all ties together

Centralize visibility into risk state

Silk helps you understand how your teams and the tools they are using are performing, and measure the effectiveness of the remediation process.

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Dig deeper on how Silk can help your organization reduce the findings volume by 50 to 1, and radically compress MTTR for prioritized findings.

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“As a former CISO, my teams wasted so much time managing findings out of multiple spreadsheets and then throwing them over the fence to infrastructure and DevOps teams. It was inefficient and impossible
to prioritize. Silk gives cybersecurity teams the ability to aggregate and prioritize findings in a way that simplifies an overwhelming space for the teams that are responsible for the fix.”

Steve Ward

Managing Director at Insight Partners

"Silk Security will help us improve our overall security posture by enabling faster vulnerability identification, prioritization, and remediation. We will cut the time to patch critical vulnerabilities by over 50%. The combination of automated accuracy, actionable insights, and time savings has made Silk Security an invaluable tool for our vulnerability management program."

Director IT Risk

“Silk has revolutionized how we identify and prioritize vulnerabilities. Regardless of how we discover the issue, we have full visibility across the entire lifecycle all in a single interface. That lets us make smarter, faster decisions and centrally track them through to completion.”

Michael Calderin

Director, Information Security and Compliance at YAGEO Group

"Silk Security has been an absolute game-changer for our organization. The features provided by the platform have empowered us to efficiently tackle security findings with precision and speed. From prioritizing vulnerabilities to providing actionable insights, Silk has revolutionized our remediation efforts. With the power of Silk we’re mitigating risks and bolstering our overall security posture."

Rohit Parchuri

CISO, Yext

"I love Silk's capabilities and user-friendly interface. Silk has streamlined our complicated vulnerability remediation process, deduplicating findings from multiple security tools and allowing our team to notify and assign disparate groups for remediation efforts quickly. Integration with existing tools/services was seamless. Silk provides a straightforward approach to enhancing our ability to organize, track and fix our vulnerabilities, thereby fortifying our security posture."

Wes Hines

Lead Security Engineer, Beyond Identity

"With significant fragmentation across the modern security estate and limited resources, security practitioners face overwhelming operational challenges from investigating and triaging an enormous backlog of overlapping alerts. Silk Security enables teams to cut through the noise by consolidating alerts into a unified risk framework to streamline remediation and ensure best-in-class security posture."

Gur Talpaz

VP, Corporate Development and Ventures, CrowdStrike

Crowdstrike Falcon Fund

Close the risk resolution gap

Silk translates consolidated security findings into actionable operations tasks.

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Scale Remediation With Grouping

Eliminate manual steps by grouping findings by issue, and automate the remediation process across your environment.

Delegate Resolution Owners

Pinpoint, don't guess, owners. Route fix requests to the right owner based on organizational knowledge, business context, and logs for code, runtime, and even DNS.

Track Resolution Progress

Maintain ongoing visibility into remediation statuses, SLA timelines, exceptions, and remediation re-assignments.

Extensible Integration Architecture

No more siloed views--seamlessly incorporate new finding feeds with standard and custom integrations.

Measure Tool Utilization

Assess which tools are providing value by evaluating findings overlap across tools and map resource coverage.

Manage Exceptions

Enable collaboration between security analysts and ops for exception requests and manage as part of existing workflows.

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more?

Does Silk hold any third party compliance attestations?

Yes, Silk currently has a SOC2 Type 2 Report. In addition, Silk has followed security best practices in designing the risk resolution platform. For instance, Silk's read-only integrations are configured to ensure that no customer data is accessed when consuming detection findings.

SOC 2 Type 2
ISO 27001

How does Silk scale for complex environments?

Silk is designed to deal with the demands of large volumes of findings generated by multiple tools and environments - cloud services, on-premises, hybrid architectures and multi-cloud, as well as IoT environments and code repositories. Silk's platform helps customers deduplicate using ML and prioritize findings from millions of alerts generated by a range of tools.

What if I don't see an integration for my tool of choice?

Silk supports non-intrusive, read-only integrations to detection tools, vulnerability scanners, asset management tools, developer tools, developer security platforms, workflow and ticketing tools, and endpoint management platforms. We are constantly expanding the range and number of supported integrations, and provide a 'bring your integration' option using the Silk APIs. The typical timeline for adding a new integration is between one and two weeks.

See how Silk can change the way your security team resolves risk